Shower Steamers

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Shower steamers fizz when hit by water and release amazing aromatherapy blends.  Great to use during any part of your day, you simply place one on the floor of your shower, not directly under the shower stream, and when water hits it the steamer releases the essential oils.

With three aromatherapy blends to choose from, and one sweet scent, you can find exactly what you need to either kick start your day, keep you going, or help you wind down.

You Got This!

A great way to start your day!  An uplifting blend that will stimulate your senses and have you ready for everything in front of you.

Release Some Tension

Great for headache relief and just relax after a long day.

Night Night

Promotes relaxation and helps you to wind down for bedtime.

Kiss Me

A rich fruit aroma that is exotic and seductive

Customer Reviews

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Chelsea Gill

The shower steamers were the perfect gift for safe care.

Diane Smith
Love, love love Shower Steamers

The greatest thing ever. I am always excited and anxious to use my Shower Steamers.